Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sheep pins and carved buttons

Here is a flock of sheep pins and necklaces on their way to
Kris Miller for the Black Swamp Fleece Fair in Bowling
Green, Ohio, this last weekend, along with an assortment
of springy hand-carved buttons for your hand knitted
sweaters. I'll try to carve any idea you might have for
buttons. The possibilities are endless!

Inspirational Carvings

Here are some of my carvings that inspired my stair
treads. The frog will probably be the ninth one.

Seven More Stair Treads

I have been so busy getting ready for the Dexter show
(which was great, thank you everyone), I have
neglected my blog. A couple people asked about my
other stair treads, so I finally took a picture of them
too. They are all inspired by my carvings, with a black
and mustard border to tie them together. I have finally
come to the conclusion that I am not capable of hooking
a large rug, but love to do smaller ones. This way, when
they are all done, it will have the effect of a large rug,
but was done in smaller steps (haha). Partway through
the treads, I decided to add my bugs to the rugs too,
since I carve so many things and this would help to
incorporate more of my carvings into the rugs. My
dilemma now, other than what carving to hook,
is whether or not to keep each tread the same shape
and size, approximately 9 1/2" x 28", or to shape the
last 5 treads according to the steps which are winders,
and would be basically triangular. This decision might
hold up my hooking for a long time! I think my next rug
will be a big green frog with a fly on the end of his long
tongue. Perfect for spring, especially since we now hear
our spring peepers in our pond in the woods and on our
walks down the country roads. Kris Miller of Spruce
Ridge Studios carries patterns for the sheep, whale, frog
and Halloween scene, along with my chickens.Contact
her at for the patterns.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Hooked Rug Stair Tread

I am so excited that I finished my eighth stair tread!
It is patterned from my carved patriotic hand with
flag and has my ant with flag in the bottom corner,
as shown in the pictures. I struggled with the color
for the hand until I found the PERFECT wool at
Kris Miller's Spruce Ridge Studios. If you need the
absolute best flesh-colored wool you'll ever find and
anything else you might need for hooking, check out
She also carries seven of my hooked rug patterns.