Saturday, March 13, 2010


Here are my 2010 Spring birds! Just waiting to be adopted
by you. All are priced at $35, except for the Cooper's hawk
and Wood duck which are $45, and the Oystercatcher and
Scissor-tailed flycatcher which are $50. They can be either
standing or hanging. Shipping is $5.00.

American redstart and Ovenbird

Wood Duck and Wilson's warbler

Red-winged blackbird and Pine siskin

Scissor-tailed and Cooper's hawk

Oystercatcher and Lazuli bunting

Kirtland's warbler and Junco

Female Cardinal and Indigo bunting

Common yellow throat and Chestnut-sided warbler

Cerulean warbler and Carolina wren

Brown creeper


  1. Beautiful Marlene! I've got to make up a list of birds to get from you the next time I see you. We had a Carolina wren in one of our little goat shelters a couple of years ago. It had an interesting nest made of leaves. Unfortunately it abandoned the nest because I was in and out of the building too much and I think I scared it away.

  2. Hi Kris. Just noticed your comment. I have never seen a Carolina wren. I am so jealous!
    Too bad it moved out. Don't you just wish
    there was some way to let them know that they
    would be safe at your place?


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